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    May 24, 2021

    NTEU's National Web Site: nteu.org

    NTEU Bulletin and Newsletters (https://www.nteu.org/publications/nteu-e-publications)

    NTEU publications are the best way of keeping on top developing workplace issues of most urgent interest to our members.  Specialized topics include: NTEU e-bulletin, Political Insider, Breaking News and Bargaining Alerts.  On this NTEU web page you can read samples and using the “update my contact information” page you can add new titles or remove any titles no longer of interest.

    Agency Web Sites

    U.S. Office of Personnel Management (www.opm.gov)

    As the agency primarily responsible for establishing the rules and regulations governing federal government employment matters, OPM’s site contains a trove of information on federal personnel matters, including topics like leave, premium pay entitlement, work schedules, and retirement.  The site has a Google-like word search engine as well as an A-Z topical index:   http://www.opm.gov/a-z-index/

    A caveat about information on the OPM site.  OPM often posts “guidance” for agencies on subjects like telework or AWS.  It tends to be more management oriented.  To the extent that guidance conflicts with what our contracts say, the contract language controls.

    U.S. Department of Labor (www.dol.gov)

    Much of DOL’s rules and regulations pertain to the private sector.  But DOL’s rules on union elections, financial reporting (LM reports), and occupational safety and health also apply to federal sector unions and employers.  DOL also has an A-Z index at: http://www.dol.gov/dol/siteindex.htm.

    Federal Labor Relations Authority (www.flra.gov)

    The FLRA administers the statute that governs labor-management relations and collective bargaining in the federal government.  The FLRA website contains information in such areas as Authority decisions, Federal Services Impasses Panel decisions, and Unfair Labor Practices.

    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (www.eeoc.gov)

    Among other things, the EEOC site includes a basic primer on the various types of discrimination prohibited in federal employment (http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/index.cfm).   The portion on disability discrimination, http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/disability.cfm, has numerous links to pages that deal with specific types of disabilities and accommodations that should be considered.

    The EEOC’s site also includes a general overview of the federal sector EEO
    process, as well as descriptions of the various stages of that process: (http://www.eeoc.gov/federal/fed_employees/complaint_overview.cfm)
    .  For a variety of reasons, NTEU encourages pursing discrimination complaints through the negotiated grievance procedure.  This overview is helpful in explaining the complexity of the EEO complaint process and, by extension, why EEO complaints take so long to be resolved.

    U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (www.mspb.gov)

    NTEU prefers to appeal adverse actions and unacceptable performance actions through the grievance procedure, instead of to the MSPB.  But the standards followed, and decisions issued by the MSPB, also apply to adverse actions that are challenged in the grievance procedure.  Precedential MSPB decisions can be searched at: http://www.mspb.gov/decisions/searchdec.htm.  The MSPB’s site also has some helpful “information sheets” on topics such as probationary employees and veteran’s rights (http://www.mspb.gov/appeals/infosheets.htm). 

    Federal Register (www.federalregister.gov)

    The Federal Register is the method of publication for all federal regulations and Executive Orders.  The Federal Register web site allows you to sign up for notices on areas of specific interest.  The search engine lets you quickly locate any published regulations.  You may also browse and read online any Presidential Executive Orders.

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