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  • NTEU: Updated FAQs on Vaccine (10/7/2021)
    Updated On: Oct 20, 2021

    SUMMARY:  NTEU has updated its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page in response to the guidance issued by the Safe Federal Workforce Task Force on reasonable accommodations as exceptions to the vaccine mandate.

    Earlier this week, the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force issued additional guidance to agencies on reasonable accommodations. NTEU has analyzed this new guidance and updated our FAQs page. You can find the Task Force guidance here by clicking on the “Vaccinations” link, then under the “Limited Exceptions to Vaccination Requirements” grouping. Attached is a member message that will be sent shortly.


    The Task Force guidance provides detail regarding the legally required exceptions to the vaccine requirements, as well as conditions which may qualify for a delay in the requirement. The Task Force also issued templates for agencies to use in developing medical and religious-based reasonable accommodation request forms. We will be seeking further information from the Task Force on the extent to which agencies must adhere to the specific content of these templates when creating their own forms. Now that the Task Force has issued this long-awaited guidance, agencies will be moving forward with forming and spelling out their own particular strategies for processing these requests. We will, of course, be continuing to engage each agency on these processes to press for fair and equitable outcomes for employees.

    Here are some of the questions that NTEU has added to its frequently asked questions page that provides information on the vaccination mandate: 

    • Am I allowed to delay getting vaccinated if I am pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant? 
    • Will agencies be providing employees requesting exceptions with a form to use?
    • What are the medical conditions the CDC considers to be contraindications to vaccination?
    • Will agencies be establishing a date by which employees should notify them if they are seeking a legal exception to vaccination? 
    • Under what circumstances would I be permitted to delay taking the vaccine?
    • If I receive a reasonable accommodation, what protocols will I follow?
    • Additional information and updates have been provided to the following question: 
    • What obligations/liability does the government have if I suffer an injury from a COVID-19 vaccine?
    • Do I have to get vaccinated if I am planning to retire or otherwise separate from the service soon after the deadline?

    NTEU will seek clarification from the Task Force, as well as individual agencies, on how the reasonable accommodation guidance will be implemented and provide additional information as it is available.

    Update 10/20/2021: 

    The frequently asked questions (FAQs) page on NTEU’s website has been updated with two additional questions on the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

    New questions address what information employees will need to provide to apply for a religious exemption and what happens to an employee's retirement benefits if they fail to comply with the executive order and are removed from their position. The FAQs are regularly updated so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.


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