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  • Clock Ticking Toward Funding Deadline
    Dec 18, 2020

    Clock Ticking Toward Funding Deadline

    The current continuing resolution (CR) that is keeping the federal government funded runs out Friday at midnight. As we move closer to that deadline, Congress continues to work toward a final deal that includes an omnibus funding bill for the remainder of the current fiscal year and a coronavirus relief bill. While the negotiations are reportedly close to being complete, the package has yet to be formally introduced—the first step in getting it voted on in the House and Senate and sent to the White House for presidential signature.

    Here are three scenarios for what may happen over the next few days:

    1. Deal Reached; Work Completed
    The legislation is introduced today and quickly voted on in Congress and sent to the president who signs it before midnight tomorrow. With time slipping away, this scenario is becoming less likely.

    2. Negotiations Continue; CR Passes
    If Congress agrees it needs more time to finalize the huge package another short continuing resolution could be passed before midnight on Friday keeping government open and giving lawmakers a few more days to consider the legislation, vote and send to the White House. This avoids a government shutdown.

    3. Negotiations Continue; CR Does Not Pass; Government Shuts Down
    There is a chance that a continuing resolution does not get approved. Under Senate rules, it may be possible for a single senator to delay the approval of the CR. That would trigger a government shutdown beginning Friday at midnight that would last until Congress completes its work on the fiscal package and gets it to the White House—likely just a few days.

    Any government shutdown is harmful for federal employees, agencies and taxpayers. NTEU is pushing Congress to take the steps necessary to complete its work while keeping the government open. This is a fluid and potentially quick-moving situation.

    You can get all the updates you need from NTEU at nteu.org, on our Facebook page or by watching your inbox.

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