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    Updated On: Aug 17, 2023


    Our mission: To organize federal employees to work together to ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect.

    So how do we do that?

    • We regularly meet with representatives from management to discuss issues and hopefully avoid problems. 
    • We negotiate and enforce the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).
    • We bargain on changes to the workplace
    • We file grievances if management is not holding up their end of the bargain
    • We provide information to members that management doesn't
    • We represent employees in investigatory interviews.
    • We ask "anonymous" pointed questions "It has come to the union's attention that . . ."
    • We provide guidance for performance evaluations, or we can sit in on the evaluation
    • We attend "all-hands" meetings and ask questions that individuals may not feel comfortable asking
    • We help employees navigate sick leave/FMLA/reasonable accommodation issues.
    • We hold supervisors accountable for completing EPAPs
    • Remove Management's excuse "that no one ever told us"

    Outside of our immediate workplace:

    NTEU is the voice of the federal workforce on Capitol Hill, in the courts, at the bargaining table and in the media. We fight for fair pay and benefits, improved working conditions and other issues that affect the working lives of federal employees.

    • NTEU testifies before Congress about issues affecting federal workers
    • NTEU tracks issues and bills on Capitol Hill and supports good bills and fights bad bills
    • NTEU holds a large annual legislative conference to support our legislative agenda
    • You can see the legislative updates section of the website for the actions taken by NTEU on our behalf
    • NTEU brings court cases to support federal workers
    • When you say "they" won't let that happen, we are the "they"
    • Read NTEU's Two Year Report (2021-2023) Report to find out more


    • Chapter 296 wins higher rating for 6  employees (covered in NTEU bulletin)
    • We secured 20 hours of administrative time per pay period for caregivers.
    • We won a higher overtime cap for leave carried over into 2021.
    • We secured 600 hours of emergency paid leave for federal employees.
    • We have blown the whistle on unsafe working conditions.
    • We negotiated a Remote Work appeals procedure. 
    • We negotiated provisional granting of Remote work/telework requests (if your supervisor doesn’t respond then it's approved) - Resulting in zero remote work denials (as of September 2022)
    • We obtained a $32,500 settlement for an employee in a discrimination case.
    • We won a wrongful discharge arbitration and got the employee back to work.
    • We protected term employees from retaliation by getting one employee his job back and another employee one year of back pay.
    • We pushed Congress to pass the FMLA - Family Medical Leave Act
    • We convinced management to reverse more than half a dozen unfair performance assessments.
    • 2.7 percent pay increase (For FY 2023, it will be larger)
    • Paid parental leave
    • avoided a shutdown (okay, another one is looming, another one is always looming), but
    • We secured legislation guaranteeing back pay during future shut-downs
    • We worked with management and workers to eliminate daily reporting requirement
    • Union Wins Arbitration and Money when management breaks the contract. The Union hopes to work with management to avoid such costly arbitration in the future.
    • Accomplishment in past years:
      • NTEU has secured tens of thousands of dollars in back pay for illegal schedule changes.
      • NTEU won reimbursement for more than a year of unpaid transit subsidies for hundreds of employees. 
      • NTEU has enlisted Congresswoman Norton to force NPS to close the Washington Monument (twice!) due to safety issues. 
      • NTEU has fought (and won!) changes to AWS schedules. 
      • NTEU reported a supervisor for racist comments, and the supervisor was removed. 
      • Bargained changes in working conditions. 
      • Secured the first increase to uniform allowance in 20 years.
      • Obtained awards parity between bargaining unit employees and management.
      • Trained dozens of NPS employees on labor law.
      • Advised employees on making disclosures about their scientific research.

  • CBA 2017

    2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement

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